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Copyright (c) 2006 Israel Law Review 
Israel Law Review

LEGISLATION NOTE: Treaty-Making Power: Approval of the Israel-Egypt "Philadelphi Accord" by the Knesset

Winter, 2006

39 Isr. L. Rev. 229


Moshe Hirsch *


The controversy regarding the need to present the recent Israel-Egypt "Agreed Arrangements Regarding the Deployment of a Designated Force of Border Guards Along the Border in the Rafah Area" (Philadelphi Accord) to the Knesset approval brought to the fore several interesting questions regarding treaty-making power under the Israeli law. The Philadelphi route is a fourteen kilometer strip running along the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, from the Mediterranean Sea coastline to the point opposite Kerem Shalom (the Northern border crossing between Israel and Egypt). Following Israel's decision to withdraw its forces from Gaza Strip ("the Disengagement Plan"), 1 Israeli officials were concerned that Palestinians would smuggle in weapons from neighboring Egypt to Palestinian terrorists. While under the original Disengagement Plan Israeli forces were to be deployed along the Philadelphi route, 2 the Israeli's interest to free itself of the responsibility for the Gaza Strip led it to conclude the Philadelphi Accord with Egypt. 3

Under the Philadelphi Accord, Egypt was authorized to deploy 750 border guards opposite the Philadelphi route to patrol the border on its side, and prevent arms smuggling from Sinai (Egypt) to the Gaza Strip, infiltration and other criminal activity. 4 5 The Egyptian force is characterized as "a designated force for the combating of terrorism and infiltration across the border" 6 and it is not intended for any military purposes. 7 In addition, both parties declared that they are committed to comply with their obligations under the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace ...
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