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Banking Law Manual
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

1-12 Banking Law Manual 12.syn


Bank and Thrift Supervision


Patricia A. McCoy

Chapter Summary


This chapter, Bank and Thrift Supervision, discusses the mechanisms and reasons for supervision including safeguarding the interests of stakeholders, including shareholders and creditors, to fraud, self-interest or incompetence. The chapter specifically begins with a discussion of models of supervision including discussion of disclosure regimes versus solvency regulation and supervision according to entity, function or risk. It addresses reporting mechanisms and requirements including reports to regulators, annual independent audits, as well as annual reports to shareholders, depositors and the public. The chapter concludes with discussion of examinations including coverage of the examination process, the examination appeals process, legal treatment of privileged materials disclosed in examinations, and disclosure of reports of examinations.

Banking Law Manual 2nd Edition: Federal Regulation of Financial Holding Companies, Banks and Thrifts (Matthew Bender) is a legal reference on the principles of federal banking regulation for banking institutions, including commercial banks, thrift institutions, and bank and thrift holding companies. It provides theoretical analysis and real-world insights on topics such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, bank charters, structure of banking organizations, powers of banks and financial holding companies, securities powers of banks, fair lending laws, bank mergers, federal deposit insurance, the Federal Reserve System, bank supervision, enforcement mechanisms and sanctions, directors and officers, closure and resolution of failed banks and thrifts, and collection of receivership assets and satisfaction of receivership claims.


Disclosure,solvency,audit,examination,jawboning,subsidiary,jurisdiction,bank supervision,thrift supervision,annual report,audit,regulator,independent audit,shareholder,depositor


See Chapter 2 for discussion of the Office of Thrift Supervision.

See Chapter 9 for coverage of bank supervision and enforcement.

See Chapter 13 for discussion of bank supervision further encompasses enforcement actions and sanctions.


See Banks and Thrifts: Government Enforcement and Receivership (Matthew Bender) for comprehensive guidance on the complexity of enforcement and receivership law, with an emphasis on the role of the FDIC, the evaluation of claims, protection of banks against regulatory violations, enforcement proceedings, and the seizure process.

See Bank Holding Company Compliance Manual (Matthew Bender) for a practical, how-to guide on the day-to-day compliance responsibilities faced by bank holding company and financial holding company compliance officers, along with analysis of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999.

See Banking Law (Matthew Bender) for comprehensive analysis on the regulation, organization, operation, examination, and liquidation of commercial banks, including coverage of the FDIC and the Federal Reserve System; branching and mergers; checks, drafts, and notes; and the bank collection process.

See Michie on Banks and Banking (Matthew Bender) for an exhaustive and continuous study of the case law involving the organization, functions, rights, powers, duties, and liabilities of banks and other financial institutions.

See Collier Lending Institutions & the Bankruptcy Code (Matthew Bender) for a practice-oriented guide to the impact of bankruptcy on lending transactions, focusing on the lender's rights as a creditor and the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code that affect lending institutions.
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