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California Deposition and Discovery Practice
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

1-5 California Deposition and Discovery Practice 5.syn


Discovery in Limited Civil Cases


J.N. DeMeo;John F. DeMeo;and Matthew Bender's Editorial Staff

Chapter Summary


This chapter, Discovery in Limited Civil Cases, from California Deposition and Discovery Practice discusses special limitations on discovery in limited civil cases, or actions that formerly would have brought in municipal court. The chapter includes sample Judicial Council forms applicable to two special discovery procedures used in limited civil cases.

Specifically, the chapter begins with consideration of discovery in limited civil cases. It discusses obtaining information through the use of a case questionnaire or witness and evidence statement including key practice pointers. The chapter also examines permitted methods of discovery such as interrogatories, requests to identify or produce, requests for admissions, depositions, the subpoena duces tecum, physical, mental and blood examinations, as well as expert witnesses. Then, it addresses the issue of authorization for additional discovery either by motion or by stipulation. The chapter concludes with discussion of motions to withdraw an action from limited civil case procedures.

California Deposition and Discovery Practice (Matthew Bender) is a complete guide, with law, text, annotated forms, and procedural guides to every phase of discovery in civil trial cases. It provides in-depth, practical coverage of general discovery concepts, such as planning, time limits, and motion procedures; scope of discovery; privileges and other protected matters; methods of obtaining discovery under the Civil Discovery Act of 1986, such as depositions, interrogatories, inspections, examinations, requests for admission, and exchange of expert witness information; sanctions; and the shortening and extension of statutory time periods. The appendices offer the complete text of the California Civil Discovery Act, pertinent California Evidence Code sections, and related California Rules of Court, as well as a summary of discovery rules arising out of the trial court delay reduction program.


California,discovery,subpoena duces tecum,interrogatory,deposition,request to produce,stipulation,special limitations,limited civil care,case questionnaire,interrogatories,request for admission,expert witness


For detailed discussion of exchanges of expert witness information see Chapter 64.


See Matthew Bender(R) Practice Guide: California Pretrial Civil Procedure (Matthew Bender) for precise guidance on finding pertinent online information, cross-references to relevant content, icons classified by type, and an abundance of checklists and forms.

See Hogan & Weber, California Civil Discovery (Matthew Bender) for valuable step-by-step guidance through civil discovery, with valuable insight on oral and written depositions, interrogatories, inspection demands, physical and mental examination, discovery relevance, and sanctions.

See California Trial Guide (Matthew Bender) for substantive and procedural guidance to the evidentiary issues encountered throughout the trial process, including alternative actions before and during trial, jury selection, and motions and objections relating to direct and cross-examination.

See CA Civil Procedure Enhanced LexisNexis Forms (Matthew Bender) for a comprehensive collection of over 4,000 California forms derived from other Matthew Bender publications, covering such topics as ADR, appeals, class actions, declaratory judgments, discovery, dismissals, judgments, parties, pleading and practice, pretrial matters, sanctions, summary judgments, and trials.
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