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Copyright (c) 1977 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal
 Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal


Spring, 1977

2 Comp. Lab. L. 60


Professor Dr. Lazlo Nagy *


Collective bargaining is an important element in the labor law systems of socialist countries. It plays an immense role in solving labor problems and it makes possible worker and trade union participation in the conduct of the affairs of the enterprise.

Within these basic features, which are found in every socialistic country, there are numerous diversities, in historic development and in content of agreements.

We shall deal with collective bargaining in Bulgaria, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union. The space of a single treatise does not permit a detailed analysis of all aspects of collective bargaining in each of these countries, but we shall endeavor to point out their most essential characteristics. Other articles may complete the presentation.

For proper perspective, we shall outline four periods in the development of collective bargaining in socialist countries. All the countries mentioned experienced similar development, though the U.S.S.R., having had its socialist revolution much earlier than those countries which were liberated after World War II, had its development sooner. In all cases, the transitions were gradual, rather than abrupt, hence the time periods are not vigorous lines of demarcation. We shall set the relative time sequence and for each period characterize the historical and economic development, the content of collective agreements, and the enterprise levels at which bargaining took place.

1st Period. U.S.S.R. 1917-18; Others 1944/5 to 1949/50

The first stage in the evolution of socialist collective bargaining coincides with the takeover of the working class ...
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