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Equipment Leasing
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

2-18 Equipment Leasing 18.syn


Fraud in Equipment Leasing


Michael A. Leichtling; and Raymond W. Dusch; General Editors: Barry A. Dubin; and Jeffrey Wong

Chapter Summary


This chapter of the Equipment Leasing provides an overview of the various types of fraudulent actions, omissions and misconduct that have been prevalent in the equipment leasing industry, and to suggest means of detecting these fraudulent schemes, as well as steps that can be taken to prevent them from ever occurring in the first place. It utilizes frauds which have some notoriety to illustrate lessons learned. This chapter also summarizes the actions that should be taken once fraud is detected. It further includes the 10 most important steps to avoid fraud in a leasing transaction.

Equipment Leasing (Matthew Bender) provides everything you need to structure a transaction involving an equipment lease, including a thorough analysis of Article 2A of the UCC, along with information concerning equipment financing, regulatory issues, litigation, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, lease securitizations, warranties, default and remedies, bankruptcy, fraud, environmental regulation, accounting, and federal, state, and local taxation. It also covers all essential types of leases, such as leveraged, operating, cross-border, consumer, finance, merchant, and true leases, as well as specific industry leasing, including satellites, computers, aircraft, railroads, ships/vessels, and more.


Equipment leasing,Uniform Commercial Code,UCC,Article 2A,fraud,misconduct,omission,fraudulent action,fraudulent scheme,damage control,high risk transactions


For more coverage on statutory treatment and analysis of leasing transactions, see Chapter 2.

For a discussion of the annotated unconditional continuing guaranty and letters of credit, see Chapter 7.

For more information on securitization, see Chapter 13.

For a discussion of synthetic leasing, see Chapter 13A.

For more information on defaults, remedies, and litigation, see Chapter 15.

For a discussion of equipment lease defaults and damage calculations, see Chapter 16.


See Commercial Damages: A Guide to Remedies in Business Litigation (Matthew Bender) for expert analysis of specific remedies; examination of litigation costs, economic factors, and other relevant practical considerations for both plaintiffs' and defendants' attorneys; and coverage of specific situations in which the business entity has been damaged, including remedies for breach of contract for the sale or lease of goods.

See Collier on Bankruptcy (Matthew Bender) for the most authoritative and comprehensive coverage of bankruptcy law, with analysis of the Bankruptcy Code, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, jurisdiction, the bankruptcy court system, bankruptcy crimes, commercial and consumer bankruptcy forms, exemptions, and bankruptcy taxation, plus primary source material.

See Debtor-Creditor Law (Matthew Bender) for expert coverage of all aspects of the debtor-creditor relationship, including current case law, practical guidance, and numerous forms for the practitioner.

See Checks, Drafts and Notes (Matthew Bender) for exhaustive coverage of the law of checks and negotiable instruments, including signature requirements, transfer and negotiation, holders in due course, liabilities and defenses, overdrafts, Regulation CC, and UCC Articles 3 and 4.
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