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California Family Law Prac & Proc 2nd ed.
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

2-30 California Family Law Prac & Proc 2d ed. 30.syn


The Parent-Child Relationship


Kathryn Kirkland, Diana Richmond, and Sandra Mayberry

Chapter Summary


Chapter 30 discusses rights and obligations arising within the legal relationship of parent and child.

The chapter discusses the scope of the parent-child relationship, and the constitutional protections that exist for the relationship. It explains relevant doctrines such as the age of majority, in loco parentis, and de facto parentage. It also addresses maternal surrogacy birth arrangements.

Further, the chapter explains the general scope of legal authority that parents may exercise over their children, including custodial rights. It discusses when parental rights may be terminated, and addresses an adult child's obligation to support parents in need. It also considers the state's power to limit parental authority, with respect to the education, employment, discipline, and medical care of children. The chapter also discusses the rights of minors to enter into and disaffirm contracts, and provides an overview of nonstatutory and statutory emancipation of minors, both under the Emancipation of Minors Law and prior case law.

Finally, the chapter provides numerous forms that may be used in disputes relating to parental authority over children, including forms relating to minor's earnings, the disaffirmation of certain contracts, petitions for approval of certain contracts, and emancipation petitions.

California Family Law Practice and Procedure guides practitioners through California's procedural and substantive law with respect to a wide range of family law matters including marital dissolution, adoption, paternity, and unmarried cohabitation. It provides a "one-stop" resource for all issues that arise in the family law context, providing answers for both the litigation and transactional aspects of this complex practice area. It guides the practitioner through clear, in-depth treatment of issues, practice tips, form instructions, illustrative forms, and citation to current authority.


California family law,parent-child relationship,age of majority,in loco parentis,de facto parentage,maternal surrogacy birth arrangements,surrogacy,custodial rights,parental rights,termination of parental rights,limitation of parental authority,contractual rights of minors,emancipation of minors,Emancipation of Minors Law


Chapter 31 discusses the law of establishing parentage.

Chapters 32 and 33 provide further discussion of child custody issues.

Chapter 34 addresses the appointment of guardians for children.

Chapters 40-42 provide an overview of child support.

Chapter 171 discusses the termination of parental rights.


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