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California Criminal Defense Practice
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

2-42 California Criminal Defense Practice 42.syn


Arraignment, Pleas, and Plea Bargaining


Michael G. Millman;Charles M. Sevilla;and Barry Tarlow;Beth F. Holzman

Chapter Summary


This chapter discusses the law and procedures for arraignment, pleading, and negotiating pleas. It sets forth the elements of an arraignment, discusses the procedures that must be followed, and lists grounds for objecting to an arraignment. It also defines the nature and effect of the six statutory pleas, discusses the procedure for entering pleas, and provides various forms of pleas. Further, the chapter sets forth the grounds and means for objecting to the proceedings attendant to the entry of a plea by moving to withdraw the plea, appealing from a judgment of conviction, or attacking the judgment collaterally.

Additionally, the chapter defines plea bargaining, discusses tactical considerations, and examines the role of counsel. It sets forth a suggested procedure and means for objecting to a judgment on the basis of a failure to conform the judgment to the bargain.

Designed for practical application, California Criminal Defense Practice (Matthew Bender) provides in-depth analysis, court-tested strategies, and procedural guidance on every step of criminal defense. From search and seizure and arrest, through pretrial preparation, trial procedure, sentencing, and post-trial remedies, California Criminal Defense Practice is an unparalleled source of insight and expertise. It includes sample forms that can be readily adapted to the case at hand and step-by-step checklists for efficient evaluation of problems and review of procedures.


California criminal defense,arraignment,plea bargain,negotiating pleas,entry of plea,withdrawal of plea,appeal from judgment of conviction,collateral attack of judgment,arraignment for infractions,arraignment for traffic offenses,guilty plea,nolo contendere plea,jeopardy plea,not guilty by reason of insanity plea,conditional plea,not guilty plea,change of plea


Chapters 50, 51 and 52 cover the pretrial procedures. Chapter 50 provides a discussion on procedures for setting aside information based on an illegal commitment.


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