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California Forms of Pleading and Practice--Annotated
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

24-290F California Forms of Pleading and Practice--Annotated 290F.syn


Guardianship and Conservatorship: Compensation of Guardian or Conservator


Expert Practitioners, Judges, and the Matthew Bender Editorial Staff

Chapter Summary


This chapter discusses the compensation of guardians, conservators, and attorneys for services rendered, when that compensation is sought without the filing of an account. The chapter discusses allowance of expenses and compensation, attorney's fees, compensation for an attorney related to a guardian or conservator, and contingent fee contracts for attorney services.

The chapter covers expenses and compensation, focusing on the requirement of court authorization, petitions, notice of hearing and order, periodic payments on account, and the bar against advance payments.

The chapter's forms include a petition for periodic payments to the conservator, guardian, or attorney, and an order authorizing those payments; a petition for attorney's fees for services to a guardian or conservator, and an order allowing attorney's fees; and a petition for compensation and attorney's fees for a person who petitioned for appointment as conservator but was not appointed, and an order authorizing the compensation and fees.

California Forms of Pleading and Practice (Matthew Bender)provides detailed analysis of the law, plus timesaving forms, checklists, and research guides. It covers all aspects of procedure in civil actions and proceedings, from pleadings to appeal, including arbitration and mediation; complaints, answers, and demurrers; and discovery. It offers encyclopedic coverage of all civil practice areas, including business and commercial law; civil rights; real estate; and torts. It also covers attorney practice and ethics and features regular updates on all relevant California and federal legislation, administrative regulations and procedures, judicial decisions, and California Rules of Court.


Guardianship,Guardian,Ward,Conservatorship,Conservator,Conservatee,Expenses of Guardian,Expenses of Conservator,Compensation of Guardian,Compensation of Conservator,Compensation for Unsuccessful Conservatorship,Attorney's Fees,Compensation for Attorney Related to Guardian,Compensation for Attorney Related to Conservator,Attorney Services,Contingent Fee Contracts,Contingent Fee,Periodic Payments on Account,Advance Payments,Disbursements


For further discussion of guardianships and conservatorships in general, see Volume 24: Guardianship and Conservatorship thru Guardians ad Litem (Chapters 280-291).

For discussion and forms pertaining to compensation of a guardian or conservator, see Chapter 290E, Guardianship and Conservatorship: Accounts.

For discussion and forms pertaining to compensation in probate proceedings, see Chapter 458D, Probate: Accounts, Final Distribution, and Compensation.


For discussion of guardianship, see California Family Law Practice and Procedure (Matthew Bender), Chapter 34, Establishing Guardianship.

For memoranda of points and authorities relating to the appointment of a guardian or conservator, see California Points & Authorities (Matthew Bender), Chapter 106, Guardianship and Conservatorship.

For forms relating to the nomination and appointment of a guardian or conservator, see California Legal Forms Transaction Guide (Matthew Bender), Chapter 66, Guardianships; and Chapter 66A Conservatorships.
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