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Warren's Weed New York Real Property
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

4-38 Warren's Weed New York Real Property 38.syn




Board of Editors: ;John Blyth, Esq.;Karl B. Holtzschue, Esq.;James Pedowitz, Esq.;Alfred Tartaglia, Esq.;and Lorraine Power Tharp, Esq.

Chapter Summary


This chapter discusses descriptions of real property and provides guidance for resolving ambiguities in those descriptions. The chapter also reviews how descriptions of conveyances have been construed.

Next, the chapter provides discussion on describing property in general terms; describing property as bounded by other lands; describing property as bounded by navigable and nonnavigable waters; describing property by following the line of a street as it stood when the deed was conveyed; describing land as bound by a structure, party wall, or lot number on a map; describing land in terms of street numbers; and describing land in a survey description. Further, the chapter provides guidance for dealing with errors and defects in description, curing defective descriptions by recital, resolving inconsistencies and ambiguities in descriptions, describing dimensions or acreage, and conveying a right of meadow.

Warren's Weed New York Real Property (Matthew Bender) is the definitive source on New York real property law. It contains more than 160 comprehensive topical chapters prepared by seasoned experts on New York real estate law, and it provides annual legislative updates along with a complete subject index. It is recognized by the courts as the authoritative treatise on New York real property law, and is often cited by the courts.


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See Chapter 53, Fences; Chapter 77, Land under Water; and Chapter 90, Maps and Boundaries.


See New York Practice Guide: Real Estate (Matthew Bender), § 2.05, Encroachments, Covenants, Easements, Restrictions and Land Descriptions.

See Zoning and Land Use Controls (Matthew Bender) for full coverage of real estate law, including modern land use law trends such as sign regulation and adult-use businesses; federal and state regulation; zoning procedures and judicial review; model ordinances; site plans; sample building permits; and zoning application forms.

See A Practical Guide to Disputes between Adjoining Landowners - Easements (Matthew Bender) for expert guidance on real property issues arising from proximity of property to neighbors or its use by others.
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