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Goods in Transit
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Inland Marine Insurance


Saul Sorkin

Chapter Summary


This chapter, Inland Marine Insurance, from Goods in Transit provides detailed coverage of the function of inland marine insurance. The chapter begins with a discussion of the background of inland marine insurance. It then discusses the nation-wide definition and interpretation of marine and inland marine insurance. The chapter next covers the notion that inland marine insurance concerns goods "in transit." In addition, it considers the meaning of "in transit," "in the course of transportation," and similar terms. The chapter also addresses the time, period, and place of coverage. It further discusses the extension of time and place of coverage in marine and inland marine policies. The chapter additionally addresses property floater policies and concludes with discussion of coverage clauses in inland marine policies.

Goods in Transit (Matthew Bender) analyzes how to recover or avoid liability for lost, damaged or delayed goods shipped by air, sea, rail or truck anywhere in the world. It also contains practical coverage of the rights, obligations and remedies for losses, damages and delays. In addition, Goods in Transit covers the description of the transportation industry worldwide; bills of lading; connecting carriage and geographic scope; and intermodal transportation. Further, it discusses termination of common carrier liability; carrier litigation; insurance contracts; marine insurance; inland marine insurance; and liability insurance financial responsibility laws. It also provides information on written notice of claims; liability of brokers and third-party intermediaries; negotiation of settlement; limitation and damages for delay; and limitation of damages and liability. Additionally, Goods in Transit discusses indemnity actions; freight; rates; demurrage; lien of carriers upon cargo; C.O.D. shipments; and actions and proceedings involving charges and overcharges.


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See Chapter 40 for coverage of insurance in the shipping industry generally.

See Chapter 41 for discussion of insurance contracts.

See Chapter 42 for discussion of marine insurance.

See Chapter 44 for coverage of liability insurance financial responsibility laws.

See Chapter 45 for coverage of motor carrier liability insurance.

See Chapter 46 for coverage of liability insurance.


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See Law of Liability Insurance (Matthew Bender) for answers to questions on coverage, conditions, and exclusions of liability insurance, with discussion of the formation and interpretation of policies, as well as specific types of policies, such as homeowners', general commercial liability, environmental, products liability, professional malpractice, and directors' and officers' liability.

See Transportation Safety and Insurance Law (Matthew Bender) for answers about federal regulatory schemes and the common law related to transportation safety, as well as carrier insurance and required notices to insurers.

See Commercial Law and Practice Guide (Matthew Bender) for a unique combination of in-depth substantive analysis and practical guidance for handling commercial transactions, including sales transactions, leasing transactions, negotiable instrument transactions, letters of credit, and secured transactions.
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