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Products Liability
Copyright 2017, Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., a member of the LexisNexis Group.

6-85 Products Liability 85.syn


Product Safety Management: Management Audits


Louis R. Frumer;; Melvin I. Friedman;; and Cary Stewart Sklaren

Chapter Summary


This chapter from Fumer & Frieman, Products Liability addresses management audits. It examines methodology, purposes, and control procedure. The chapter also discusses typical audit applications, a typical design assurance audit, and a typical quality program audit.

Frumer & Friedman, Products Liability (Matthew Bender) covers every facet of products liability law, with examination of over 700 different products and product categories. It includes discussion of manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, middlemen, repairers, and advertisers as potentially liable parties; liability under the theories of strict liability in tort, breach of warranty, negligence, misrepresentation, and fraudulent concealment; damages, plus indemnity and contribution issues; jurisdiction, discovery, and evidence; litigation considerations related to class actions, conflict of laws, and statute of limitations; government liability; maritime law; criminal liability; food, drugs, and medical devices; recalls; products liability insurance; and product safety management. Products Liability also provides products liability legislation and statutory references.


products liability,torts,audit,design,quality,product safety,management audit


For more on product safety management, see Chapter 70 and Chapter 86.

See Chapter 1, Products Liability History, for a general discussion of products liability.

For a discussion of products liability theories in general, see Chapter 2, Products Liability Theories.


See Products Liability Practice Guide (Matthew Bender) for a collection of winning strategies and tactics for an entire range of products, with chapter-by-chapter topical treatment of specific products, including asbestos, all-terrain vehicles, clothing, contraceptives, toys, airplanes, tobacco, firearms, and more.

See Commercial and Consumer Warranties-Drafting, Performing & Litigating (Matthew Bender) for guidance on drafting different types of warranties, advising the dissatisfied buyer and the seller accused of breach, and litigating a warranty case.

See Jury Instructions on Products Liability (Matthew Bender) for jury instructions that cite supporting case law, including relevant law review articles and annotations to American Law Reports, covering such topics as strict products liability, parties, warranty liability, misrepresentations, design defect liability, manufacturing, testing, inspecting, duty to warn, matters of proof, defenses, and causation.
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