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Copyright (c) 2005 The Green Bag, Inc.
The Green Bag An Entertaining Journal of Law


Autumn, 2005

9 Green Bag 2d 95


Michael Parish


THESE TAXES ARE KILLING me, Fred!" Gary hated to say it, but that was how he felt. The big juice had started to come his way, so he was writing estimated tax payment checks every other minute. That was aside from the other items he was covering -- business, the new apartment, the new charity he'd set up -- the list was endless. "I like being busy, but this feels like I'm strapped to the Wheel of Fortune and every time I look in Vanna White's direction I just get dizzy instead of turned on." It was his turn to buy, so he wanted to appear expansive, but was feeling fiscally cautious, lunchwise.

"Franchise tax, sales tax, occupancy tax, payroll tax, gross receipts tax," he continued. "Unincorporated business tax, transfer tax, property tax, and after that, income tax. Tax on so-called net income, but how could it be so net if they took so much with these other taxes?" He surveyed Gucci and thought about the first time they had met, in Fred's office, and eaten corned beef and pastrami specials from the deli downstairs. It was clever of the restaurant owner to call the place Research Associates. From the tax deduction point of view, the difference between lunch and consulting advice was 50%, we know that much.

"To tax is to live. Especially when you're doing the taxing, right?" Gucci peered over his glasses and waited for Gary to respond to his non-response to Gary's question. A ...
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